Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

BC to Ban Cell Phones while Driving in January 2010

Starting Jan 1/10 Talking on your phone in BC will cost you up to $1000, BC is being more strict with their policy regarding the handsfree ban, other cities and provinces stated as long as you use a bluetooth handsfree device you will be exempt, However BC is adding that the hands-free device must be a voice dial or one touch operation.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just an FYI for those who think they will not get a ticket

So the law passes on October 26th, however it is a "soft law" as many media places have been telling the public that fines will not be given out until Feb 1/10 however here is a recent piece of new I just came across on CP24:

There will be an "education" period in the first three months where police will show some leniency and, in many cases, simply let drivers off with a warning.
But make no mistake -- drivers should not assume they're "scot-free" until February, said Sgt. Dave Woodford, a spokesman for the Ontario Provincial Police.
Cops still have discretion to lay charges by way of summons under the new law, where the driver would have to go to court to find out how big the fine will be,

So its better to be safe then sorry in this case.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Solar Powered Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

This is our newest & most popular device, without
even advertising or videos, we sold over 1000 in just a week of having this

No other car kit in our line up compares to its clarity when in a phone call.
There is NO echo, no extra noise, just crisp clean sound.

Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit with Name Display & DSP

Suctions on your windshield for solar charging & an easy view from your car seat.
Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit with Name Display & DSP

Clips onto your sun visor for people who prefer it above rather then ahead

Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit with Name Display & DSP

Place it on your desk at the office or at home while you cook, makes a perfect speaker phone!

Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit with Name Display & DSP

Super bright blue LCM display that is perfectly visible during the day & a pleasure to look at during the night

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dr Phil's little bit on "texting while driving"

This is a great talk piece by Dr Phil, great gob telling the young lady off in a polite way.
You can wait to catch up on the latest gossip when you are NOT driving.

Enjoy this vid

Horrific Video about the Truth of Texting & Driving

This is a great video that was made showing teens the horrific effects that texting while driving could have, would you want this to happen to you? then stop texting and keep both hands on your wheel and drive. Texting can come later, if you want to chat, just purchase a hands-free device that will allow you to talk without holding your phone. Companies like Canada Drive Safe are here so you can buy a hands-free device and a holder for your vehicle at a deep discounted price compared to most retailers and big box stores where there is a huge retail mark-up.

Its important to "think safety & drive safely"